Our Goals

A great portion of Elton's legacy is rooted in his ability to connect with, and create opportunities for children of all ages. Whether on the baseball field, in the classroom, or in the community, Elton had a rare gift and a driving passion for helping all kids, privileged or challenged. In managing his Foundation we have been tasked with preserving his legacy for the children of tomorrow, and let me tell you "he left some mighty big cleats to fill!"

As our tagline states, our goal is to empower children of the South Kitsap community through the creation of scholastic and athletic opportunities. Whether through our many scholarship awards, our passionate support of youth athletics, or our dedicated commitment to improving student athletic facilities at South Kitsap High School; 100% of the funds we raise go towards making South Kitsap a stronger community.

As a 501c3 and 509a2 Non Profit, Public Charity the Foundation seeks financing from a broad range of fund-ing sources including grants, endowments, and corporate sponsorships; however our strongest donor base is right here at home. The majority of our funds each year are raised through our EG29 Events calendar, and through strategic partnerships with local businesses, civic organizations and community leaders; all who want to see a 'stronger South Kitsap'! We recognize the importance of partnership alliances as a tool to broaden our impact in the community, and we work closely with representatives from other Foundations, youth sports programs, and civic organizations; and we have engaged in coordinated efforts with the South Kitsap School District to improve student athletic facilities at South Kitsap High School, and elsewhere in our com-munity.

This Foundation shares deeply in Elto's commitment to the children of our community, and the diagram below illustrates not only the breadth of our commitment to these goals, but allows transparency with our donor base, permitting you to see exactly how your donations are being used to create impactful opportuni-ties for our children.


Whether through a one time donation of $300, or an annual commitment of $100, the Elton Goodwin Foun-dation recognizes those individuals and businesses whose contributions exceed our expectations. You have our deepest of gratitude for helping us preserve Elton's legacy; and for making South Kitsap and the Port Or-chard community a better place to live and raise our children. In-kind contributions of these levels are also recognized. 

"Love Ya Man"! 


Special Thanks  ______Corporate Sponsors & Partners 
Tom & Laurie Myers  ______South Kitsap School District 
Pat Myers  ______A&W Restaurant 
Arlond & Sharon Goodwin  ______Cruise-In Car Wash & Detail Center 
Dan & Karol Hovde  ______My Printing Services, Inc 
Al & Kathy Todd  ______Graphic Reflections, Inc 
Steve & Jonelle Ude  ______Mutare Management Partners 
Steve & Susan Krecker  ______Tracy's Print Shop 
Joel & Carrie Grey  ______Grey Chevrolet, Inc 
Dan & Raelene Wolfe  ______Air Masters, Inc 
Billy & Teri Goodwin  ______Morrison's Gravel 
Aaron & Lynn Goodwin  ______Arlond's Automotive Diagnostics 
Jeff & Jaelyn Goodwin  ______All-Star Lanes & Casino 
Joel Goodwin  ______WestSound Landscaping Supplies 
Joshua Sewell  ______Southard,Beckham,Atwater & Berry 
Cully Ecklund & Family  ______Kitsap Physical Therapy 
Eric Canton & Family  ______NAPA Westbay Auto Parts 
David Rill & Family  ______Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce 
Kevin Darcey & Family  ______Port Orchard Auto Body 
Ron Ness & Family  ______Woodridge Dental 
Chuck Stark & Family  ______Hemley's Handi-Kans 
Ernie Hahn & Family  ______Washington Bounce House 
Wayne Gibson & Family  ______Mile Hill / Middendorf Chiropractic 
Marcus Logue & Family 
Dustin Booth & Family 
Don Smith & Family 

How YOU Can Make a Difference

South Kitsap and the Port Orchard communities have always been deeply supportive of SKHS athletics, and we've set up several ways you can help us contribute to the growth of our community, and our kids sports programs. Our goal is to never have our donor base 'feel like' they are at a fundraiser; but to instead provide them with a tangible experience, and allow them the transparency to see exactly how their contributions are going to benefit the children of our community!

EG29 merchandise: We offer a variety of EG29 merchandise through our online store, including several styles of hats, shirts, wristbands, and memorial window stickers. Beginning in October 2015, we'll also have com-memorative artwork available by renowned local artist Megan Drew! Simply, but appropriately dubbed "29", this amazing painting features 29 former SKHS baseball players and coaches from Elton's 29 years leading this championship winning program.

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EG29 events: We host, co-host, and sponsor several events throughout the year; all designed to provide a fun, engaging, and relaxing atmosphere for the entire family. Our goal is to never have our donor base 'feel like' they are at a fundraiser; but to provide a tangible experience, and allow them the transparency to see exactly how their contributions are going to benefit the children of our community! For more information, please visit our EG29 Events page.

Endowments: Historically one of the largest funding sources for 'local interest', non-profit groups; the Elton Goodwin Memorial Foundation proactively seeks partnerships with local Attorneys, CPA's, and Estate Planners whose clients are looking to make a tax free contribution that will someday be used to benefit their own legacy, in their own community. As a 501c3 non profit public charity, endowments, gifts, or bequests of real estate or life insurance proceeds may be given at anytime, and are 100% tax deductible. If you are inter-ested in learning more about this option, please contact your CPA or Estate Planner.

Corporate Sponsorships: In the short time the Foundation has been around, we have developed a large and loyal following in Port Orchard, and the Kitsap County Communities. Our supporters recognize that we are an organization with substance, resources, and the sustainability to affect positive change for generations of our communities children. Our events are attended by thousands of community members, business owners and civic leaders each year; and we can offer tremendous visibility for your business or non-profit organiza-tion through our advertising and cross-promotional platforms. Businesses have the option of sponsoring any, or all of our events each year; all which offer low cost, high impact advertising solutions that are sure to reach your customers! Please contact us for advertising rates and sponsorship details.

Donations of Auction or Raffle items: The Foundation has been blessed to have been gifted everything from sports memorabilia, to fishing charters...and we welcome them all! All of it bound for our Fall Dinner & Auc-tion, this is a fantastic way for business owners, and private donors to give back to the community!




No board member, advisor, or volunteer of the Elton Goodwin Foundation and Memorial Scholarship Fund receives compensation for their efforts. Minus legal fees, accounting fees and basic operating expenses, 100% of our proceeds go towards creating impactful opportunities for the children of our community.


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