Empowering Kids One Pitch at a Time

Elton Goodwin Scholarship Winners

"I've never played for a coach who cared for his players as much as Coach Goodwin."
Josh Meeker

"Its amazing how coaches have the opportunity to make a difference in kids lives; and I think he did that better than anyone ever has, or maybe ever will do at the high school level."
Brian Cox (former player) 

Outstanding Teacher, Coach or Administrator Award (non-monetary) 
2015 – Marcus Logue
2016 – Chris Hiatt
2017 – Nancy Fairweather 

Congratulations to all for making Elton so very proud; and we wish you the best in your future endeavors!!

Touching Lives...

2014 Tanner Paulson Kathy Marsa ----------
2015 Cooper Canton Casey Lehman ----------
2016 Austin Bayne Katie Schultz Emma York
2017 ---------- Ryan Haarstad Sophia Canton
Angel Prewitt

Coach Goodwin’s accomplishments on the baseball field are well documented; however the classroom, and the Special Needs Resource Center may have been where he had his most lasting impact.  Although a stickler for performance in the classroom as well as the field, Elton firmly believed that the true potential of a young man or woman could not be measured with batting average, or GPA; it was how you carried yourself as a human being that he cared most about.  

He passionately preached life lessons such as commitment to yourself, your family, and your teammates; perseverance in all of your endeavors; and self-accountability for your actions.  They weren't just words with Elton, they were a way of life.  He held himself and all those around him to the highest of standards, and pushed them to be the best young men and women they could be; whether in the classroom, on the field, or in life.

This Foundation shares deeply in Elton’s commitment to the student athletes of our community, and it is with great pride that we annually award three separate scholarships bearing his name. 

Baseball Player - As baseball was Elton’s first passion (well, maybe second behind fishing), we annually award a $1,000 college scholarship to a South Kitsap graduating senior baseball player.  Not always given to the most decorated player; more emphasis is given to those who have overcome life altering circumstances, or who best embody Elton’s ideals of commitment, perseverance, and accountability.

Special Needs Student - For nearly 30 years, Elton was a Special Needs Instructor serving some of the most physically, mentally, and learning challenged students in our district.  Inspired by his commitment to these strong young adults, we are honored to annually award a $1,000 scholarship to a Special Needs Student graduating from South Kitsap High School.  This scholarship does not carry a college admission requirement, however can be applied towards any secondary or vocational training, or transitional program.

Fastpitch Player - Beginning in 2016 the Foundation was excited to be able to expand our scholarship program to include $1,000 for the standout student athletes of our championship winning SKHS Girls Fastpitch program. Carrying the same criteria as the baseball scholarship, this award is not given to the best student or athlete; but the one who best embodies Elton's ideals of commitment, perseverance, and accountability, or who has overcome life altering circumstances.​

Outstanding Teacher, Coach, or Administrator Award (non-monetary) - Each Spring we ask the graduating senior class to vote on the teacher, coach or administrator who they believe to have had the greatest impact on their life during their years at SK. This stunning crystal pillar is given each Spring at Laurels Night, and is our way of honoring Elton's passion for teaching.